Pollyanna Woodward

As one of the hosts of the Gadget Show on Channel 5, Pollyanna Woodward has been busy promoting the world of technology to people all around the United Kingdom. She has thousands of hours of television experience under her belt and is continuing to stay strong with all sorts of programmes and activities in her daily life.


Woodward grew up in the Midlands and studied performing arts at the prestigious Carlton Junior TV Workshop. She has gone on to appear in a variety of television programs since then including Ghost Squad and Eleventh Hour. However, it wasn’t until Channel 5 came knocking with the Gadget show when things really got up and running for her career in the world of television.

Woodward has been on the Gadget Show since 2010 and has been on six series of the show so far. The things that Pollyanna Woodward has done while on the Gadget Show have included many different exciting things that most people are lucky to even try doing. She has gone skydiving and bungee jumping, and built a drag racing car and even competed in a virtual twenty-four endurance racing simulator with two other Gadget Show presenters.

Today the Gadget Show can be seen on Channel 5 and Discovery Science among other networks. People in Australia can also see Woodward in the Gadget Show on the Lifestyle Channel.

In fact, she has gone on to show the Gadget Show Live events that Channel 5 hosts throughout the year. These include the prestigious show at the Birmingham NEC where tens of thousand of people show up to see what’s new in the world of technology.

Her expertise in technology has made her a popular figure of interest. She currently has a column in the How it Works magazine where she talks about the world of technology and the many different products that people can enjoy. These include columns where she reviews some of the hottest new items in the industry. She also appears on TalkSPORT on occasion to talk about the newest items in the technology sector.

If there is one thing about Pollyanna Woodward that makes her stand out, it’s the way how she loves to challenge herself with all sorts of things. She is an avid thrill seeker who has participated in many travel, dance and golf activities over the years. She even says that one of the most memorable things that she’s ever done was bungee jump off of the Stratosphere casino and hotel tower in Las Vegas.

Woodward can also be seen presenting various productions throughout the year including the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Chequered Flag Ball and the Children’s BAFTAs. Her versatile skills in television have made it so she’s gotten into a little more than four thousand hours of television experience over the past couple of years.

The things that Pollyanna Woodward has done prove that she is one of the most interesting people in the world of entertainment. Her enthusiasm for life and her interest in technology make her a viable figure in the world of programming throughout the United Kingdom.